Name Ingo Wojtynia
Steve Meyer
Present Safari

Makuti - Buffalo


500 & 338 Blazer
Barnes X

PH Comment

Day 1 – collected scout while client recovered from jet lag. Did an afternoon of familiarization. Drive along garden route saw herd of sable, kudu bulls, eland bulls and herd of 50 buffalo. Passed up on herd bull.
Day 2 – shot camp pet eland, near shooting range at 6:20am, good 200m shot. Saw 4 dagga boys, approached herd in the late afternoon, passed up on bull.
Day 3 –shot warthog, had a lunchtime siesta, was interrupted by a troop of baboons. A good 200m shot sorted out the problem. No buffalo seen.
Day 4 & 5 – hunted buffalo with numerous sightings, including a 40” dagga boy.
Day 6 – spotted lone buffalo at midday, stalked up to 15 yards, decided to take him.
Day 7 – shot waterbuck after long walk, hard recovery, got back to camp at 9pm.
Day 8-10: accompanied Rich Tabor and Ron Creusen on kudu/baboon hunt.

Client Comment

to come




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