Name Giovanni Marcelli
Buzz Charlton
Present Safari

Nyakasanga - Buffalo / Tuskless

PH Comment

This was our first safari with Giovanni and the plan was to start on a buff tuskless hunt. We decided to go to Nyakasanga as the Dande and Makuti were fully booked. Nyakasanga is often regarded as the best Valley area however being an auction area sometimes there are too many hunters there at one time.

We did experience quite a few vehicles but once you got off the beaten path as such the hunting was excellent Giovanni dropped a big old tuskless at 12 yards with his unusual Hyem 470 over and under double on the first day. The third day saw us track a nice old dugga boy and get a close shot at him facing us. Unfortunately the shot took him a little far back. The long and short of it was 3 full days tracking right through Nyakasanga, Mana Pools and into Rocomachi before we unfortunately lost him in and amongst dozens of dugga boys in the adrenaline grass. It was an amazing experience of outstanding tracking considering we had lost all blood within 2 hours of the first shot.

While tracking him we ran into plenty of elephant other buff etc so despite the disappointment of loosing him the over all experience was great. The next days saw us collect several species including a very old and ugly hyena which was fun.

When Giovanni saw how many hippo there were and the fact that we could shoot them out of the water with the double at close quarters he decided to give it a try. We ended up shooting a nice bull at under twenty years with the double which finished off a fantastic hunt!! Next year we will be looking at getting two big buff in the Save!


Client Comment

My first safari experience that I had been dreaming about since I was 5 years old (55 years ago). I had envisioned(in my dreams), following a wounded buffalo and experience the thrill of the pursuit. We did in fact track a wounded buffalo for 3 full days. Superb work by the trackers who would never quit and kept going and going. The thrill of being surrounded by elephants in the wild added more excitement to the buffalo pursuit. My first elephant hunt again went marvelously well, was able to shoot a tuskless at 12 yards facing the elephant and attempting a frontal brain shot.

I had never envisioned hunting hippotamus, not knowing the danger they presented to people, not being aware that the meat was sought after and of good quality and finally did not know that hippos could be hunted on land and shot at close range. Again a superb experience and a great opportunity to provide lots of highly needed protein for the local people.

Finally the hyena hunt and the thrill of hearing lion lions at night and waiting at the bait site not knowing when and what would show up. Great accommodation, extremely attentive chef and everyone else truly made our safari a memorable and delightful experience that I intend to repeat again and again.

- Giovanni, September 2011



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