David Barret
No of hunts with CMS
Myles McCallum
Area & animals previously shot
Omay - Non export elephant & plainsgame
Present Safari
Dande Safari Area - Buffalo
.470 NE
PH Comment

Our 8th hunt together, and 16th buffalo! Taken in style at 30 metres with the double rifle, with a double long shot. Another great hunt with Dave. Lots of buffalo seen, Ward 11 in particular.

We spent the last day fishing where Dave managed 3 good tiger (biggest 10lbs!) and a 10 foot crocodile (on 20lbs line). The croc took  1.5 hours to get to the boat and really was an intense time.
Client Comment

As always a wonderful time with good company, great camps, lovely food, and interesting hunting. Highlights, waiting in ambush as 100+ buffalo grazed past us, some within 20 metres, getting close enough to use my double on a buff. Fighting a croc on the Zambezi, and avoiding a dispute between National Parks and Zambian fishermen. Definitely another memorable trip. Thanks to all involved.

- Dave, October 2011


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