Name Daryl Youck
Previous Safari

Lion/Leopard-Makuti 2010

Alan Shearing
Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Buffalo/Leopard


Blazer 373 H&H, courtesy of Buzz
Federal Trophy bonded

PH Comment

 Leopard was the main animal.
Animals used for bait: Buffalo bull (shot on first day), 2 bushbuck, 3 impala, warthog, 2 buffalo front shoulders (John Johnson), 2 kudu shoulders (compliments of John Johnson).
Total of 11 bait sites, but whittled down to 4 baits in the last week due to leopard male movement and baits only lasting 3-4 days.
Total hits – 4 males, 6 females, 3 cubs
Total sitting in 4 blinds – 11
Total leopard sightings – 4

Tough hunt, with frustrating moments. Fortunately we managed to keep the important baits with constant fresh meat and kept 4 males feeding. Most were feeding between 7pm & 4:30am, and each male was sat on in order of hits, and the male shot fed for the last 3 days and was shot on day 14 at 5:40am.

Most frustrating moment: on day 13 after sitting in the blind in the early morning, we tracked big tom from bait in desperation +/- 1km into his hole/cave. Being +/-2m from the big cat and having no legal way or safe way to get him!!!


Client Comment

2 years in the making, finally got a leopard
Very happy, great organization with great people
Cat hunting in late September not ideal with temps of around 40degrees Celsius so baits don’t last long, but we were very fortunate to have 2 other hunters in camp.
Highlight: 1) broad daylight shot at leopard on bait in tree.
               2) 4 males feeding last week of hunt
Lowlight: Too hot

- Daryl, October 2011



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