Name Casey Terry
Richard Tabor
Present Safari

Makuti - Leopard, Sable & Buffalo


Heym 470, 95x64 Mauser
500g Warthfork, Woodleigh DC, 286g Woodleigh

PH Comment

Days 1-10 we spent doing lots and lots of walking after Buffalo and sable, turning down lots. Followed a few elephant bulls but turned them down. Casey shot a Grysbok on day 2, a monster. Day 7, Casey got an awesome Sable bull shot at +/- 130 yards. Excellent shooting,  it was the 7th bull we saw and decided to take him. 38.5” and good sweep back and heavy horns. With the buffalo we looked over +/-1000 buffalo in 8 days. Lots and lots of bulls, waiting for a monster and on day 10 of the hunt we decided to take a good old bull which Casey took with his 470 at +/-70 yards, perfect shot. Had a few leopard baits out but no luck and with 40 degrees Celsius heat, they did not last long but made hyena bait and hung up the buffalo for the leopard as well. Day 11 went for hyena but nothing except a monster leopard had fed on the bait so made a blind for leopard but decided to sit the following morning. Day 12, 3am start into the blind at 4:40 and at 5am the leopard was on the bait. Waited for good light and also to make 100% sure it was a male and at 5:25 Casey made a difficult shot at 90 yards on the leopard walking away but pulled it off, a short follow up and a monster Tom in the salt. Day 13 freshened up the hyena bait, tidied up the blind all ready for the next morning. Rest of the day we spent looking for warthogs and whatever else stepped our way. Day 14, 3am start into the hyena blind at 4:40 waiting for hyenas but they had come and gone, but a jackal showed up and Casey dropped him. First jackal shot in Makuti. Rest of the day we spent doing a little glassing and some R&R.

A good hunt with some good well deserved trophies. Well done to Casey, for keeping up with the walks.


Client Comment

A great hunt! CM is first class. Everything went absolutely perfect. Rich Tabor and his team work hard, understand all the wildlife and are very professional. Lots of game and good country to hunt in.
Thanks Casey



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