Name Bruce Law
Richard Tabor
Present Safari

Dande Safari Area, Buffalo & Bushbuck

PH Comment

Day 1 – Hunted Ward 11 for buffalo but had no luck.

Day 2 – Hunted DSA, saw 2 dagga boys in the morning but did not get a shot, that afternoon we followed a herd from Malecha spring. Got on to them after a short stalk and Bruce shot a good dagga boy.

Day 3 – Recovered buffalo bull but unfortunately the hyenas had got to it. That afternoon went for a walk after bushbuck.

Day 4 – Ward 11 got on to a big herd that crossed over from Chewari, +/- 100 animals. Unfortunately a frontal shot that did not work. Followed for the rest of the day but no luck.

Day 5- Ward 11 followed buffalo herd for 6 hours but did not see the wounded bull.

Day 6 – DSA. In the morning we went for a walk along the Cumzidzi for kudu and bushbuck.

Days 7-10 spent walking along rivers and through hilly terrain looking for kudu and bushbuck. Bruce on day 8 got a nice bushbuck ram.

Day 9 – some walking was done but not much seen.

Day 10 – a drive in the morning and some R&R in the afternoon.


Client Comment

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