Name Mike Wittet
Myles McCallum
Previous Safari

Makuti, Buffalo & Tuskless

Present Safari

Dande, Double Buffalo


375 H&H
Swift A frame & Trophy bonded solids 300grn

PH Comment

Another excellent hunt! Lots of buffalo around and general hunting very good. Dry and hot so easy tracking and limited water. 1st dagga boy, the oldest out of 6, Mike shot at +/-40 yards and he only made it +/- 80 yards-double long shot-perfect!

2nd dagga boy, we tracked 6 bulls in a different area. Four old ones, and 2 youngsters. After several hours and two attempts, we got in front of them and a lovely 38.5 inch bull walked straight on to us. Mike shot at 20 yards, heart and lung shot. Bull only went 60 yards and was dead by the time we got to him. The next 6 days we spent after eland and salbe. Over 35 hours of tracking and finally on the last morning Mike got the eland bull. 1st in DSA for 14 years!!!!



Client Comment
CMS have a lovely area in Dande, which has challenging hunting for the more appreciative hunter.
Buffalo and eland over 10 days were a great challenge that Myles, Bongi, Norest and Aaron (Parks scout)
led me very capably through. I had a wonderful experience, and will return next year for sure. Thank you for the privilege.

- Mike, October 2010



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