Name Swen & Melissa Mortenson
Rich Schultz
Present Safari

Makuti, Ele Bull


416 Talor Winchester, 338 Winmag
Barnes solids & TTSX

14 Day Hunt

We had a fantastic hunt and saw lots of buffalo and elephant cows. The Bulls were a little scarce but we still saw a few. We could not shoot the one we wanted, grass was too tall and Swen too short.

We shot our bull at 8 yards, full frontal. Melissa made fantastic shots on all her animals. 2 shots being 300, 350 yards. All one shot kills. Everyone was happy and had a great safari.

Summer is on its way and it’s heating up nicely.

Overall a brilliant hunt!!


Client Comment

Best safari ever for both myself and Melissa. We couldn’t ask for a better PH and trackers.
We had many laughs and good times. Everyone was fantastic, and we will be back to hunt with Rich next year for Leopard, Hippo and croc. Thanks to everyone.

- Swen, September 2010



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