Name Kelly Gill
No of hunts with CMS 4
PH Buzz Charlton
Area & animals previously shot Chirisa & Reasearch - Tuskless and Management Elephant
Present Safari Dande - 3 tuskless
Rifle Hyem 500
PH Comment

Kelly camp out for 4 tuskless end of season hunt in Dande. The rains had started and the bush was very thick restricting us to a few roads only. The hunting was great if a little wet! The first day we followed a group of elephant and shot an old tuskless with Kelly new Hyem 500 which he was experimenting with.

The following day we saw 3 groups of elephant but no tuskless. Early the next day we headed north and followed a group that had come in from Mozambique that had 4 tuskless in them. We had a nice close contact with this herd and shot 2 from here. Had the other two not had calves we probably could have bagged out then and there!

We did loose a day or two with rain but on the 6th day of hunting Kelly got his 4th elephant which was his number 20 with me. It was as always a wonderful hunt with Kelly and a hunt that we both really enjoy as we share the same ideas on elephant hunting. I look forward to having another hunt with Kelly and Lori next season!


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