Name Takumaro & Kate Ikeguchi
Previous Safari Makuti - Bull Elephant, Buffalo, Tuskless Elephant, Sable
No of Safaris with CMS 3
Present Safari Makuti - Triple Tuskless & Buffalo
PH Buzz Charlton
Rifle 416 & 223 Blaser
Ph Comment

It was my pleasure as always to guide Ike and Kate on our 3rd safari together in Makuti. This year we decided to try and shoot 3 tuskless and a buffalo, with the regular demand of as many baboons as possible. We lost a day due to Ike’s rifles no pitching up in Harare, however Royal had them delivered by evening time to camp so we were hunting at the crack of dawn on day 2.

We looked at many, many elephant and decided to take a buffalo on the first day as Ike had a sore back which I am glad to say got better. We found the buffalo in a group of about 100 and Ike shot him at 25 yards.

Over the next 5 days we saw hundreds of elephant (and huge herds of buffalo and lots of dagga boys) and turned down many semi grown tusless. In the end we did shoot 3 tuskless, one of which will be in the 60 year category as she was on the last half on her last molar. Ike’s shooting was excellent on the elephant and the 416 Blaser did him proud. We had several exciting times with close calls on the elephant. On the last day we went to the river to go fishing and we saw over 300 buffalo and caught 50 bream!! We did this all in a record 6 days, a testament on how good Makuti is. The highlight for the team was how much fun we all had with Ike and Kate and we look forward to next season where we will be hunting 3 buffalo and 2 tuskless.



Client Comment

This was our 6Th safaris in African continent with my wife Kate.
Out of many trophies, including 6 elephants and huge male lion in Makuti, this old tuskless elephant
this year was something very special.

Based on scientific analysis of Jaws and ovaries submitted by Buzz, she was aged between
64 and 70+  year old, one of  the oldest shot. No wonder she only had a few hair on her tail and acted so
cheeky by giving us 2 slips in very  tense hunt.

Before we left, we booked more elephants and buffaloes for next year.



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