Name Fanus & Arno Crous
PH Richard Schultz
Present Safari Dande - Double buffalo
416 Rigby, 470 Heym375 Sako
Hormady Solids & Barnes
PH Comment

The hunt started off well but as to be expected the bush was really thick. We were very lucky with the rain and managed to avoid it. On the fist day by 8am we were onto a herd of buffalo. Arno managed to take the shot and we were already one up on the buffalo!

The next couple of days proved to be difficult as the buffalo always lead us to jesse but slowly we managed. Sadly Fanus wounded a buffalo and after about 8 hours on its trail we lost all sign of the spoor and blood.

The following day we went off in search of the last buffalo. After a long stalk Fanus took a great shot and we had the 3rd buffalo down. We also managed to shoot a grysbok in the middle of the jesse and it turned out to be a very good one. Each day was very hot and humid but was a good hunt in all.


Client Comment

Had a fantastic hunt! It was a once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten. The team at CMS was world class in all aspects of the hunt. Also don’t eat yellow snow!

Fanus, December 2010

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