Blake Wilhelmi - PH

Bonani - Head Tracker

Shumani - 2nd Tracker

Agency - Driver

Blake Wilhelmi
PH for CM Safaris

Born 8th of November 1985. I completed my schooling in Zimbabwe at Falcon College and then further studied to get a Wildlife management degree in South Africa. I come from a hunting back ground, from my grandfather Alex Wilhelmi been a hunter and gunsmith to being raised on a Ranch in the south east lowveld in the Naunetsi district of Zimbabwe. My hunting experience started at a young age shooting my first Problem control leopard and Veterinary control buffalo at the age of 14. Was fortunate in that I carried out various management controlled culls and was the marks man for numerous game research and data collecting programs in the game abundant Lowveld. I am a keen bow hunter as well shooting my first buffalo and giraffe at the age of 19 with bow. My passion for hunting and experience gained has given me the career I follow today and intend carrying on with hunting in an ethical and fair chase manner. I worked for Mazunga Safaris for two seasons and then joined Charlton McCallum Safaris to finish off my apprentership and get my full Zimbabwean hunters License. I hunt full time for Charlton McCallum safaris and look forward to many years hunting with them and there hunting clients.


Bonani Mbedzi
Head Tracker

Bonani is a quite and reserved person does not speak much English. He is Venda speaking from the south of Zimbabwe. His natural hunting and tracking abilities are out of this world. I have learnt almost all my hunting skills from him. I grew up with Bonani as he was working on the family ranch and we have worked together for many years in the safaris industry.


Shumani Sibanda
2nd Tracker
Shumani being the friendly and cheer full one in the team. He can speak basic English enough to communicate. He is also a Venda from the south of Zimbabwe. As with Bonani, Shumani also worked on the family ranch and worked with me in the safari industry for many years. As they are called my Venda brothers they are an excellent tracking team.


Agency Chamonyonga
Agency is well mannered and polite and speaks very good English. He comes from the lions Den area and is Shona culture decent. He has worked in the safari industry with me as a waiter and skinner. I taught him how to drive and has stayed with me becoming the team driver. Ensuring you that we do not have to walk double the distance! 


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